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  1. What (legal) form will be given to your local organizing committee?

  2. Are there any local or national laws, regulations or customs that would limit, restrict or interfere with the congress in any way?

  3. Will unhindered to (and exit form) the country will be accorded to accredited persons?

  4. Can the city demonstrate that it has comprehensive air and rail transportation services?

  5. Can the city guarantee that the local transport facility, the provision of cars and busses will be sufficient?

  6. Can you provide general information about your city including a justification why it should be considered as an appropriate site for the congress?

  7. If your city is elected, do you have an organization of sufficient experience to stage the congress?

  8. Name the similar important international events that have been organized in your city (including number of participants)

  9. What principles do you envisage in arranging the programme?

  10. What facilities for the Congress are at present in your city? If these are not sufficient, will others be provided? Where? (reckon with 2000-2500 attendees)

  11. What Cultural programme do you propose?

  12. How will the Congress be financed?

  13. Do you agree with the principle that WFP shall receive 10 USD per person of the congress fee paid by each participant?

  14. Do you undertake the place the audited accounts relating to the ICOPA before the Executive Board of the WFP?

  15. What accommodation will be provided? Where it will be located ?

  16. What arrangements can you foresee in order to reduce the daily cost of food, lodging and transportation as well as travel costs?

  17. Please provide any additional information on the following aspects:

Medical facilities

  • medical organization and control

  • first aid facilities for attendees

  • medical services at the congress

  • additional medical facilities in the city

  • communicable and tropical diseases

  • hygiene and environmental issues

Security issues

  • overall security strategy

  • police resources to be deployed

  • venue security

  • protection of attendees in the city

  • multi-lingual officers